About me:

My name is Fiorella, but most people call me Fio. I'm a designer and art plays the most important role in my life. For past few years I have been learning at Academy of Art University to design for screen web and mobile, as well as user experience and user interface. Previously I designed a few magazines and a community newspaper in San Diego. Layout is my forte, from crafting materials to print and more recently digital. I always appreciate the opportunity to take on new projects, and enjoy experimenting to learn more. For research and inspiration I like to observe people from all ages and cultures. By learning how different people perceive life, as well as what moves and interests them, aids my design.
When I'm not behind the computer or researching, I like to walk and try new foods, find a seat at a bar, and travel whenever possible. These are the primary methods I use to learn and observe people enjoying their culture, histories, personal anecdotes. By doing this I absorb as much as possible to be later apply to my craft.
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