City Treasures is a website dedicated to inform, showcase, and preserve our landmarks, city arts, public open spaces. With the help of the individual communities, City Treasures will help preserve their history along with their different cultural attributes and diversity that identifies each of them.


target audience

This website is for everyone. But, each site or piece may be marketed to a certain population, therefore, the campaigns would be specialized to individual markets depending on the site, or art piece.


If a person is interested in submitting a candidate site or art piece, all they need to do is submit a photograph to the website, along with an address and a sentence or two of why is important. After the submission the organization will take it from there.

information architecture map

personas and user flows


word list & mood board

concrete, green, trees, people, plazas, parks, buildings, indoor greenery, old, culture, heritage, kids, grandparents, families, men, women, teens, outdoor playing, traveling, tourism, local, tiling, wood, knowledge, murals, sculptures, parks, flowers, grass, tradition, sitting areas, sun, trains, cars, buses, bikes, skates, roller skates, nature, bricks, cities, communities, neighborhoods, snacks, breaks, reading, newspapers, relaxation, food, books, magazines.


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