An app that helps to inform, educate, and prevent homelessness stereotyping in our communities. People in general will learn how to break stereotyping with acknowledgment and small interactions with homeless, these to help built their self-esteem, and profound doubts about their own self-worth, etc.


target audience

Upper Middle-Class — Information seekers: Professionals with an annual household income of $75K-99.9K. Who may be sitting at a desk all day, checking information online is easy and convenient. This demographic is also interested in hearing about a companies socially responsible initiatives (63%).


Support and Community... an user friendly app that provides quick tips in how to help homeless with a personal journal and website with basic information that directs people to the app; as well as the survival ban-aid kit that contains daily items to help homeless. (The idea is that the processes will go into building housing for them)

information architecture map

personas and user flows


word list & mood board

perspectives, the invisible, invisibles, ignored, the unseen, homelessness, people = people, poverty = homelessness, people, homelessness, sun, warmth, cold, street, city, concrete, weather, bricks, doors, windows, hope, wind, rain, pain, sadness, love, hunger, quilts, blankets, madness, broken feelings, loneliness, love, no voice, discouragement, powerless, equality, afraid, torture, knowledge, family, drugs, illusion, spirituality, judgment, safety, reputation, self-steam, fear, justice, solution, courage, expectations.


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